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A Brazil nut, closely resembling the gnarled up pinky toe of a nigger.
LeRoy, quit pickin' out all the nigger toes from the bag of nuts.
by TMan44 August 23, 2005
178 49
A Brazil nut.

To crack one open, put it into the freezer for a while. Or put it into boiling water for a few seconds.
Brenda served her guests a bowl of nigger toes.
by Bumkicker Slade May 07, 2005
500 131
A brazil nut. Its hard and dirty and shaped like a nigger toe!
Hey, what cha' eatin, a nigger toe?
Naw mofo, its a brazil nut.
by hooha2 March 13, 2008
228 113
A Brazil nut - a toe-sized nut that comes in a brown shell and is found in mixed nuts.
I like the niggertoes the best.
by Grandpa's girl September 11, 2005
111 32
another term for dip, or to pack a lip. Chewing Tobacco, the act of packing a lip. (Throwin in a nigger toe)
"Hey man you wanna go throw in a nigger toe?"
by Robert E Lee June 07, 2012
10 19
Something your friend hands you in a bar that you put in your mouth before he tells you he picked it up off the dirty bar floor.
"Here, this is for you." "Oh, I love eating nigger toes." "I can't believe you put that in your mouth, I just picked it up off the dirty bar floor!"
by Fiffan April 21, 2012
10 20
A small brown wooden pipe; called such as it resmbles a nigger's toe.
"I'll just load up the niggertoe..."
by Some Nigger March 30, 2005
22 69