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The equivalence of saying fantastic, sarcastically, for black people.


When a black person takes advantage of a white persons misfortunes.
Matt- " O shit son son, I'm hungry!"
Kevin- "Werd nigga, how about some Wendys?"
Matt- " That sounds Niggertastic!"

Whoa, That Negro just pushed Timmy down that well and dropped his wallet, son son. Thats Niggertastic.
by H22 Prelude October 16, 2007
Something like nigger, or niggerfull. Something overflowing with Niggerness. Almost anything haveing to do with niggers really. Also can be and adverb such as Sandniggertastic.
Awesome Nazi:"Hey Adolf dont eat that FRIED CHICKEN, its niggertastic."

Nigger:"Lets go get some PURPLE DRANK."
Respectable White man:"No, thats Niggertastic, stupid nigger. Go back to picking the cotton!"
by The Amazing American Nazi February 19, 2011