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To fix something in a very cheap way, using whatever materials are handy.
Dude nigger rigged that old CD player with duct tape and some paper clips.
by CeeGee January 09, 2005
1473 152
To temporarily fix a mechanized object (usually an old car) using either a coat hanger or duct tape.
"Dude, my muffler broke off and it was all draggin on the ground - so I nigger rigged it with a coat hanger."
by Fuzzycom July 21, 2005
737 213
A term used to describe a temporary fix or quick fix for an object using any tools at hand. Derived from the ingenuity of early African-Americans who did not have the means to fix every day objects and had to come up with these temporary fixes.
"My antenna broke on my TV so I nigger rigged a coat hangar so I could watch my show."
by TXbMAN December 21, 2005
594 203
To repair something in a lazy and wrong manner. So the item will work for a short time but the repair won't last very long.
YO!!! don't nigger rig the brakes on that car!!!!!! It will cause you to crash. WORD!!!!!!!!!?
by rapsucks1738 December 21, 2006
383 190
a less effective method of repairing something that has been broken or damaged which usually will end up broken again.a more derogatory way of saying african american engineering
my dog ate my wire to my tv so i had to nigger-rig it because i didnt want to miss the superbowl.
by lkjium March 01, 2006
153 31
to jimmy, fix up, or use simple tools or methods to achieve a (usually half-assed) result.
My buddy's muffler kept falling off, so we nigger-rigged it to the chassis with a wire hanger.
by BillyPhuz January 28, 2006
142 44
to affix some abnormal object an ordinary every day object to obtain the original usefulness that it was designed for while using materials that present themselves in a ghetto environment
nigger riggging is attaching a coat hanger to an attena on a boom box to achieve the maximum reception while listining to fity cent, otherwise known as dumb nigger.
by pope paul September 14, 2007
228 142