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Niggerrific, adjective. Niggerrifically, adverb. Derived from the English word 'Nigger', meaning 'one with darker skin', and the English suffix '-rific', meaning 'extremely good'. Something that is niggerrific is something that is extremely black. Best defined by example.
For breakfast, Mama Jenkins cooked her 12 children, and their 14 fathers, quite a nigerrific meal of grits with raccoon, recently killed on the side of the road, and sides of watermelon for everyone, all washed down with some Old English - 40 ouncers for the fathers and tall cans for the children.

The sure ate that meal niggerrifically.
by Mad@Monkeys March 09, 2008
When A nigger dose something outrageous.
"do you see that nigger peeing on my front lawn thats soo niggerrific?I'm takin my bat out."
by bellarats December 11, 2009