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Pantaloons that are too large for a person. Pants that hang below your ass hole.
Look at that another teenage wearing nigger pants.
by Jigglenuggets April 01, 2006
94 20
A more racist and American way to say "Pantaloons of a negro." Often used to express pure shock. Also used to insult someone. Could also describe someone's pants.
"Aw, nigger pants!"

"He is such a nigger pants."

"My, he's wearing a nice pair of nigger pants."
by I'm Not Racist. Fuck Asians. July 03, 2005
80 37
Pants worn by the American Negro that display all of the in-store tags and stickers. This enables the American Negro to soil the pants and then exchange them for new pants or the latest Air Jordan's.
Clothing store customer: "These pants smell like fried chicken and hot sauce!"
Store employee: "Those must be nigger pants."
by Common Sense 247 October 02, 2010
17 6
The Title of an amazing rap song by the duo PrinceOCK and The Real Arab G. Popular in the Bay Ridge and Shaolin Sections of New York during the 90's. PrinceOCK developed the idea and MC laid the tracks.

I'm the Niggerpants.
The Pull the Triggapants.
The Keepitrealapants.
The NostradamaPants!!!

Chorus - Who wears the niggerpnats in this house
by DJ Mike Qube May 08, 2007
13 24