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adj. Origin - This term is the ultimate term used to describe stupid black people. I'm not saying all black people are stupid, just certain morons who try to threaten people over a Sega Saturn video game system.

Anywho, this term is used to describe when a black thug tries to 'cut you up' just because his video game system stopped working. He then drops the F bomb every second when you try to talk sense into him but he keeps going on how much he will 'fuk ju uhp', especially before his parole officer finds his crowbar in his black Lumina.

Also see nigger moment.
Kyo - Dude, he tried to effing cut me up, over his dead Saturn system, yo!

Iori - Man, that is SO 'niggeronic', K-dogg...

Kyo - True dat.

Iori - True dat...

Shingo - word...
#niggeronic #nigger moment #jp #ignorant black people #nigger
by Kusanagi Kyo January 26, 2006
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