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the act or state of being a nigger
He's got too much niggerocity going for him. It can't be healthy...
by ({Steve}) May 17, 2007
The act of flaunting large amounts of money, of which you know where none of it came from nor how you got it. Spending in a niggerocious manner, often results in several million dollar paychecks being spent in one day on poinltess novelties, such as a "Bart Simpson" Diamond encrested chain.
Policeman: When I pulled him over his niggerocity level was .22, twice the legal limit.

Jane: Oh? what was he doing..?
Policeman: He was hyped up on pcp, dancing in the middle of the street, wearing nothing but a gold snow cone chain hanging from his neck.
Jane:What a shame...
by Grove_Street_Gangster March 27, 2011
The ferocity, or agressiveness of a black or afro-american
Me: Yo, did that nigga jus shoot up dat store?
Billy Bob: Yup that nigga got some real niggerocity, like nigy nigz
by Black Dot in the Whiteness May 06, 2010

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