A strong black chewing tobacco, usually in twisted plug form
Guy1: "Wow, niggerhead is a really racist name for tobacco, eh?"
Guy2: "I agree my good man"
by endub March 15, 2006
Top Definition
An antiquaited logging and trucking term used to define a large round rock or outcropping of rocks usually on an unpaved road bed that could damage a vehicle.
Now be careful up here,there's a niggerhead as you come out of the turn.
by R Young November 09, 2006
A large rock, or boulder.
"Go get a load of nigger heads to fill up that hole."
by Chingiss April 29, 2008
Archaic term for a bollard, that is, a very large cleat fastened to a pier which is used to secure ships to the pier with lines of heavy rope. Used by longshoremen and enlisted men in the Navy until both were integrated.
"Get the forward line on to that second nigger head!"
by Dr. Diddle March 05, 2008
A type of marine rope winch used for nautical applications invented by the Spanish and Portuguese in the 1300s. When full off rope it resembled a type of tree known as negro cabeca or darkhead or blackhead or literally niggerhead in English. Named 300 years before the word nigger was ever used to describe someone of African descent in any form of literature. Also known as a capstan, windlass, gypsy or a bollard with rope on it
wrap the head line around the niggerhead and come up on the anchor
by seajones December 19, 2014
The snow and ice that collects in the wheelwels of your car.
"justin looks out and under the car"

Val: " what,did you run over a cat".

Justin: "no, must be those nigger heads".
by da blunt February 11, 2010
Being extremely lazy and/or stupid.
Shit bitch, all I wants to do is sleep. I ain't goin' to work, today. I've got the niggerhead, bad.
by T-Rex aka Ralphie Boy January 31, 2005
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