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The standard by which an individual's intoxication is measured. Often described to explain how someone got so fuckniggered the previous nigger night. Usually a person gets so blacked that they don't realize their own niggeredness and endanger society and other niggers alike. There is a scale to measure the B.A.C. of a nigger which goes as follows: 1-small buzz from shitty malt liquor 40s through 10-hanging on to the gift of life by a small thread. Nothing short of a valiant effort to stay standing will suffice in order to survive the night. An important note; niggeredness is not limited to blacks. All races are created equally capable of achieving an insane level of niggeredness.
"You're niggeredness was that of a delirious New York City bum."

"Man dat cop be arrestin my shit fo havin a niggeredness level of 9.6942069420."
by Steve, Alex March 28, 2008
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