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Quite possibly the most offensive word in the english language. Not only does it embody the female genitalia within it, but it also includes the N word, and we all know what a whammy that is. This word should never be used around women. This word should never be used around african americans. And this word should ABSOLUTEY NEVER be used around a african american female. Unless of course you're down with guns being fired at you. In that case, use freely
"Fuck the police. Those niggercunts piss me off so much. Transporting cocaine in the buttholes of dead corpses surely cant be illegal."
by Matt Anderson November 20, 2005
The worst thing you could call anybody; the most derogatory remark in the English language.
Person 1:
You're acting like a little bitch right now.

Person 2:
Well you're a Nigger Cunt.
by NiggerDickChallange January 23, 2011
a. an african american vagina;
b. a vagina with big lips.
yo man, that chick i slept with last night, man she had a nigger cunt! i lost my dick in it!
by assbasket March 06, 2009

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