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A black cat. A cat that is black.
That niggercat is eating Popeye's.
by Herve February 18, 2008
A Smelly Useless black cat that deserves to die
Blad, your cat is a nigger cat
by Gazzer04 June 29, 2006
fuck you think it mean... niggger!
nigger this.
nigger that.
nigger ate a nigger cat.
by Trevor Kremonas August 18, 2011
"Im a big black nigger."--Stuff like that, is what a Nigger Cat would say. The End.
Nigga at the library that left his facebook up. So his status turned out to be..."Im a big black nigger." Hence, being a Nigger Cat.
by Zachary Kremonas August 18, 2011
Someone who steals things, in a very sly, sneaky way.
Where did my bike go? It was right here! (10 minutes later) Jon, you have my bike! Your such a Niggercat!
by Vincent P. March 02, 2007
A nigger who is a cat. In other words, a really chill black person
Jamal let me borrow his Xbox! That kid's such a nigger cat!
by dave81434123412 November 14, 2010

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