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1. Niggercade derives from the root word nigger and barricade. It is black people in a form of a social organization to barricade other minority interests. Niggercade is created by whites, which is a scandal propose by a nigger organization, although the niggers are swindling the whites for an exaggerated profit and political power. The nigger organization intention is to deplore other minorities, and to take over for their sexual or profitable desires. 2. The blackcade or niggercade are associated with the media including sitcoms, radios, and news to segregate the other minorities to purposely remove their unity and change their interest to influence for their own. Mostly niggercade is targeting Latinos and Asians. 3. A black social barrier set up by whites to stop minorities on a social class in order to dwindle down their ethnic culture and have them assimilate for their gain. 4. Nigger barrier (usually thrown up by whites hastily so as to impede the advance of an enemy)
What! Today is niggercade hour; nothing but nigger shows on TV today? Those whites are stupid for trusting those niggers with their niggercade. Just because they get them those ghetto rats for them they think they have it so good for those niggers are stealing their bitches hah, whites are so stupid. lol lol
by Jillian_26 December 14, 2007
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