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A game played with two people: a driver and a passenger in a car. The driver rides around town, and whenever a black person is seen, the passenger must roll down their window, yell "NIGGER!" and throw a tennis ball at the black person.

If the tennis ball hits the black person, the passenger scores. If it doesn't, the driver must stop the car, and the passenger must retrieve the tennis ball.
"I've got a car and some tennis balls. Let's play niggerball!"

"NIGGER!" *throws tennis ball and misses* "Fuck, I ain't getting that shit, DRIVE!"
by Fancy Yakpants April 22, 2010
73 18
Basketball is offten refered to as nigger ball because 95% of the Nba are Black
them niggers sure like to play nigger ball
by NLR718 July 01, 2006
631 119
the black version of basketball....often includes no passing or outside shooting, just dunking and excess niggin....see the AND 1 tour
white: hey nigger u wanna play some basketball?
black: hell no honkey, im playin niggerball at the Y later
by the filthiest niggger April 22, 2005
370 89
Throw out most of the real basketball rules. The NBA now runs on NO "turning it over", NO "palming the ball", NO "walking two steps without a dribble", all these rule violations are now gone.
NBA Basketball no longer follows rules. Forget Larry Byrd, even Magic Johnson.
There is no PRO BASKETBALL with RULES.
Can you see anybody not palming the ball and doing a layup from center court. Impossible, but the refs allow it. It is not real basketball, it is nigger ball.
by buddhaprince April 30, 2009
262 86
Slang word often used by white person(s) describing the act of basketball.
Let's go play some niggerball.
by mike March 26, 2004
205 63
Small "racist" swedish confectionery (negerboll) made of oat, sugar, cacao, butter and cold coffee. Then rolled in coconut.

Many sweden say "run nigger, run" in swedish "spring nigger, spring" when making them.

Bertil -Bad weather today Sven, why not get some niggers down?

Sven -Good idea Bertil, lets go for the darkest scumbags and then celebrate with nigger balls.
by 357magnum March 25, 2009
232 121
A special insult reserved for the worst types of people on the planet. While for some terms such as "asshole", "douchebag", or even "mcfaggletits" succinctly do the job, a niggerballs is the worst of the worst of people who suck at life. Literally meaning the gonads of a male of negroid descent, because this person is the dark, hairy, smelly, crusty scrotal sack on the body of society. Total King Niggerballs may be used in rare occasions for the absolute most despicable people, but there must be an consensus that this person is shitty enough to be worthy before this term is bestowed.
"So you drank all my booze and crashed my car after driving it drunk? You are a complete niggerballs!"

"Did you hear what Omar did today?"
"No, what did he do now?"
"He stole lottery tickets from his dad's gas station and got fired."
"Dude, what a niggerballs!"
by Moon Cricket Jiggaboo Jones June 05, 2013
18 3