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fuck that, niggerade is kool-aid, plain & got damn simple, dont argue
you don't need an example. it's kool aid how hard can that be to figure out, usually grape kool aid, that's always the best, red is good sometimes though depending on what you smoke. ok, niggerade is the shit, gatorade is pretty much watered down kool aid if you really think about it.
by you already know how it go September 22, 2007
A drink concocted by Katie Shanahan @ rockbottom by smashing free lemon wedges in free water and asking the waiter for even more free lemon wedges. this drink is topped off by carcinogenic "sweet & low" for dulcification. this drink can also be known as Shine-ade.
Katie: What? i don't like minute maid!
by Gaddam February 12, 2008
The drink that niggers use to regain their electrolytes, usually during a sporting event.
"Say dawg, can you pass me the niggerade"
by Tana 7 February 15, 2008
gatorade, a better word
i am hyped up on niggerade right now, im fucking insane!
by ANDIEEE October 16, 2006
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