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Black people who think they are white Broadway stars. The black answer to Liberace.

Eg: Any black cast member of 'Stomp', or 'Da Kink In My Hair'.
'What did you think of the actor who played Brian?'
'Ehh. His singing was a bit contrived and over the top. A bit too Niggerace for my liking.'
by Flaza February 01, 2005
If Liberace were black and playing the piano today he'd be called Niggerace. Coined by Eddie Murphy in the remake of Jerry Lewis' "The Nutty Professor." In the Lewis version, Buddy Love turns to the piano player and says, "Tubby, rest your thumbs." In the Murphy version, Love tells "Niggerace" to take a break.
"Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm Niggerace. I'd like you to meet my brother Cleophus."
by Creedmoor December 11, 2005
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