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a menthal cigarette. like a kool or a newport.
yo my nizzle you gots a niggarette?
i need ta git my black ass ta da sto fo a pack o nigarettes!!
by aimee June 11, 2004
A newport cigarette. Blacks smoke that brand a lot in the hood around check day. When the ends get low, they smoke cools first, Liggets or Broncos, and after that just ask to borrow cigarettes and then complain while they are still puffing on them because they can't afford to smoke what they really want.
Hey dude, let me bum a niggarette off you. I am tired of smoking these nasty ass Marlbros !
by Bellos July 19, 2006
Newport cigarettes or menthol cigarettes in general.
Jamal cashed his welfare check and went to NiggaMart and bought some cocoa butter, nigga punch, and a pack of niggarettes.
by Red Paper December 22, 2009
A menthol cigarette.

It is a common stereotype that black people smoke menthol cigarettes. If a non-black person is smoking a menthol cigarette it then becomes a niggarette.

Black people can not smoke niggarettes. It is presumed that their cigarettes are already menthol which is not abnormal.

Nigga + Cigarette = Niggarette
When bumming a cigarette the other person only has menthol's. "Oh, nevermind. I don't smoke niggarettes."

"I need a smoke. Could I get a niggarette?"

"I definitely prefer the menthol taste of these niggarettes over your cigarettes."

Brittney Spears has been known to smoke Niggarettes.
by RPruden January 23, 2011
a patch given to black guys to weind them of white girls.
bruva, you need a niggarette
by God.69 June 23, 2010
any cigarette with menthol in it.. because god forbid a nigger smoke a non menthol cigarette.
ay homie you got a niggarette.?
naw mane all i got is these marlboro reds
by geemagic May 10, 2007
a female nigga.derived from tha word dudette.
nigga:aight yo niggarette?
by Loz January 15, 2005
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