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(n.) the extensive fear of dark colored people.
Stephanie is afraid of black people, i think she has niggaphobia!
by des November 08, 2004
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The fear of accidentally saying "nigger" when surrounded by black people. Very common among white students in class or while riding public transportation. Often accompanied by visions of getting destroyed by the people you just offended.
John's niggaphobia is really starting to affect his life man, he refuses to hangout with Jamal now because he says nigger so much when he isn't around he's afraid he's going to call him one.

~on the bus~
Todd: So I told Cathleen, no way in hell is the stimulus funding going to help out those niggas.
Niggas: *punch**punch**stab**wallet yoink*
by sharkalark February 23, 2010
Fear of black people
i have niggaphobia
by Dundair February 19, 2010

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