Due to society's general reaction towards racism, this is an alternative spelling/pronucation. to empahsise the fact that this is intended as non-racist slang. The 'h' is there to drive home the point that we're talking about nigga rather than nigger

Where I am, this is generally pronouced with a hissing 'h' made at the roof of the mouth. It's hard to explain. Try going to say 'nigg' and then making a sound that is a cross between 'ah' and 'ow' and something else as you curl your top lip slightly upwards. The end sound should resemble a cross between: drinking something cold (ah! as in That's better, I was thirsty) that catches you ('ow' as in you drank it too quickly and it gave you brain freeze) and a kind of 'I bit my tongue' noise.

I think that's the pronunaction. Of course, the accent could just **** it up a bit.

Or I wasn't thinking about it too much.
Can't really think of an example for the word 'niggah'. Used in the same context as 'nigga'. Like I said, the 'h' is there to make a point.
by Walking Talking Dictionary September 22, 2006
Top Definition
non derogatory racial phalism- reffering to a person not neccesarily Black - used in Rap songs because it rhymes with many other words.
I'm allways ready to pull a Triggah on a niggah if that niggah figahs he can fuck around with my crack figures.
by J Norman May 06, 2004
a term used to profile someone with an urban background. can be a friend/pal/homeboy or just simply someone who shares something in common with you. can be used in a positive or negative manner. not necessarily in a racial manner. most people are afraid to use the word, but its just a slang term nowadays.
ma niggah be rolling with me to the club to get crunk!
by minizzie March 24, 2006
The word that a white people use with their friends just to seem cool.
Billy: yoo wats up?

Bobby: i'm hanging out with some friends

Billy: Sounds fun Niggah

Bobby: Stop you try hard
by JustCallMeSexy69 November 21, 2010
A homie, buddy, best friend, close friend.

Not Nigger.
What's up my Niggah???

Man, you're a crazy Niggah

Of course he will, he's my Niggah for life.
by dhgodufous June 30, 2009

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