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A person of black descent, usually the color of a ripening rip-tide as it crashes over the sullen cries of a torn city, bringing back the pavement to each surfacing motorway and crest side porch, the porch where time...a monkey, twelve to be exact, once he stood, but he was a gray to them all, his skin hid in the eyelashes sun, walking to the east as he saw the jigga folk, there was fondudu on their heads seeping, heating them back into the paving motive of free lave enslavement, just as always was...niggafondudu
Dam dat beezy looks like a coon sauce mcgiver with all day niggafondudu al' over her nappy Jerry Q ringlets and knick nack patty wack, she suckin dick for hella crck, niggafondudu beatch.
by ZuckmyBerg408 August 29, 2011
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