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much like nigga, niggafish is another way of saying homie, etc.
--Yo, wattup niggafish.
by krz September 17, 2007
Niggafish is a rare species of fish found in the ocean. they thrive off stealing crackafish food by using violence. If you ever come across a nigga fish swim away quickly or lock your boat doors. Typically 12 inchers.
Person One: Did you see that nigga fish in the water?

Person Two: Yea I ran back to my boat and locked all the doors!
by Expert. October 30, 2011
A spin on the word 'Nigga' as another way of referring to a close friend. Extensive use of the word 'Nigga' can lead to desensitization, which forces people to look for a new word to use, which is probably where the word 'Nigga Fish' originated. The use of 'Fish' is due to the word being used rarely in normal conversation, which makes it feel new.
'Yo wassup nigga fish!?'
'You nigga fish'
by Shark Eel October 10, 2013
Person that is raised in the ghetto and often forgotten about. Just like a fish.
Hey man, look at that nigga fish over there. I bet his family completely forgot he was there.
by DemiGod Waffle March 20, 2010
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