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dark bean or a friendly, loving way to call a friend instead of his/her name
"yo wazzap niggabean!"
by itspeculiar November 08, 2011
Quite possibly the greatest ever doodle of all time, Niggabean has time and time again been a source of lulz for a select group of students at MCC.
Josh: Did you see what Ryan plastered on the head's door?
Steve: Oh yeah, Niggabean! Lolz.
by Baron von Evil June 10, 2008
A black Mexican. Most of the time found to be pornstars, strippers, prostitutes. Intimidating. Some are incredible fighters. Blaxican.
Man#1: Man that foo a nigga.
Man#2: Nah dawg he's a beaner.
Man#3: Yall both wrong niggas He's a Niggabean.
by NiggaBean August 14, 2015
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