The act of packing any bowl with solid nuggets of marijuana. It doesn't go through a grinder, it doesn't get crumbled by hand. It just goes right in. Common among the brothas.
dude wana use my grinder?
naa im gonna nig pack this shit.

nig pack a giant bowl, it'll last forever
by PHRmutherfucker October 01, 2012
Top Definition
n. - A small group of people with dark brown skin pigment. The quantity of persons in the group ranges from three (3) to twenty-one (21).

Note: A nig pack is often times mistaken for a gang, and vice versa. According to the definition of a nig pack, a gang must be larger than twenty-one (21) members. A nig pack is not necessarily bad.
That nig pack came through here a few minutes ago and robbed us.

Hey look, there's a nig pack. What fine upstanding gentlemen.
by Arinthros April 19, 2007
to pack something/into something very tightly and quickly
gary, lets nigpack the elevator with 20 people and grenades
by KirillZ April 18, 2006
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