When a blackman moves his body over a woman during sex and flips her over and licks her.
My friend Mike did a nigflip last night!
by Barktheharkthebark May 12, 2012
Top Definition
The nig flip is when a girl is on her hands and knees facing a table, on the table is the male partner whose face is by her feet during intercourse and only has his feet on the table. then he launches himself off of the table, over the girl while taking out her legs and summer-salting over her. then he quickly eats her out. in all this move is fast within a few seconds and has been known to be highly dangerous so give it a try.
you did you see that nig flip they did?
ya i herd he allmost broke his neck
by nignogsandbuttholebombing January 09, 2012
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