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a cigarette that is typically smoked by black people in the United States. Usually menthols, newport and COOLs in particular.
Me: yo dude, can i bum a square?
Other guy: yeah dude.
Me: What are we smokin'?
Other Guy: Newport.
Me: Nig Cigs?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Nigga please!
by uro-feces August 15, 2006
Slang for Djarum Blacks, which are completely black cigarettes. 40% clove 60% tobacco, probably the most unhealthy thing to smoke.
I just picked up a pack of nig cigs
by Ryan March 19, 2004
Middleton Black and Mild Cigar.

Formed by combining nigger and cigarrette. Because black people buy more black and milds than anyother race.

I went to the store and picked up a 5 pack of nig cigs.
by Kevin Brizz June 26, 2006
Cigarettes that are only smoked by black people
"Yo, want a kool?"

"Nah man, those are nig cigs"
by Sonz September 14, 2014
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