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Cheaper version of the Big Mac.

Created by buying the $1 double cheeseburger from McDonalds and having special sauce added.

It's not nearly as delicious as the original Big Mac, but hey. If you've only got a dollar, you've got to take what you can get.
ali: shit, mike. i'm out of money. all i've got is a few quarters. looks like it's nig mac time.
employee: hi, welcome to mcdonalds, may i take your order?
mike: yes. i'd like two double cheeseburgers with special sauce.
ali: nig mac.
by ali and mike December 26, 2005
a mcdonalds hamburger with lettuce and big mac sauce
true story.. i was in line at mcdonalds and a black guy was ordering.. he asked for the following" i'd like a cheesburger with big mac sauce and lettuce" the stunned looking burger girl disappeared for a moment.. said something to the manager and filled the mans order just like he asked and history was made.. the "Nig Mac" was born!
by kevsezwoo September 20, 2008
A black version of a Big Mac.. A double cheeseburger add letuce and special sause, all for $1.25
Ay Reggie, lets swoop over to mcd's n grab some nigmacs!
by Slindog September 18, 2008
generally a sandwich ordered at mcdonald's. essentially, it is the double cheeseburger made like a mac.
jamal: yo tyrone imma go buy me a nigmac
tyrone: me 2
by chicken fried negro sammich November 14, 2008