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A cheap imitation of the official drink of the niggas, Kool-Aid. Usually purchased at a rate of ten/1$ at the corner store with all the little bad-ass kids(niggletts0 hanging out in front of it. Referred to in terms of color and not flavor. Cherry and strawberry become the floavor Rehd. Grape becomes Purpuh, and Orange becomes Arangh. Sold under the name Fantaboulous or some other crappy name very similar.
Yo that shit aint Kool-Aid, that nig juice is some fantaboulous tastin shit though
by Luis V November 19, 2005
A pheromone laced oil designed to attract the opposite sex.
When Tony Testicles is making nig juice, he has to keep the cats away from the poison batter.
by The Zomby Woof December 15, 2011
A weird ass drink many niggers drink.
I'm not black so I'm not really sure how they make Nigjuice but it is purple.
by George F. Matar May 26, 2011
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