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1. The defining, sometimes intangible element of an entity, event, or concept which makes it nifty.

2. The level or measure of how nifty something is.

Syn.: niftiness Ant.: lameity
Example 1:
"After much thought and consideration, I have conclusively determined that the nift of your new pair of shoes lies in its shoelaces."

Example 2:
"Whoa, sweet webcomic! Truly, the nift of Sluggy is unparalleled any other."
by usman noyo August 16, 2007
A combination of cool, awesome, nifty, and crazy.
Man, that roller coaster was nift.
I wish i was as nift as that guy.
by Krankenstein May 13, 2009
to relax or to chill
My friend Melissa and I like to "nift " on the beach.
by powerstroke November 29, 2010
someone with an oddly fat ass. or a fatty.
Mckenzie: dayummmn did you see her?!

Molly: yessir, and she is a Nift!
by nickenzie3 July 10, 2008
The ultimate word to describe cool, stellar, rad, etc.

Not to be confused with nifty.
Nifty: Wow, those spagetti forks that rotate are really nifty

Nift: Wow, your haircut is so nift! I want one like it.
by Chartreuse Hedgehog February 03, 2010
The state of being both drunk on alcohol and high on marijuana, at the same time.
After we left the party I was already drunk, but all it took was a little spliff-a-roo to get into the nift position.
by sprint414 June 29, 2010
That just means sex! Its a term girls use and they go nifting everying weekend.
Hey lets go nift this weekend", "Alright, lets find a party!
by tonsomoney November 20, 2010
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