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A German philosopher of the late nineteenth century. Fredrick Nietszche began his academic career in philology, the study of languages and linguistic systems. He became an admirer of Wagner, with whom he later fell out. Following the publication of 'The Geneology of Morals', his main concern was to reaffirm life in 'the twilight of the idols'.
His phrase 'god is dead, we are all his murderers' was not an attack against religion as such, but against nihilism which believed in nothing on the one hand, and on the churches and christians who had sapped the true value and meaning out of life and religion on the other. Thus he claimed the churches were 'sepulchres', and the nihilists he urged to 'keep holy your highest hope'. That hope he grounded in the act of creation, and affirmed in the idea of 'eternal recurrence' - the ultimate affirmation of life.

These ideas are best outlined in 'Thus Spoke Zarathustra', in particular the sections 'The Tree on the Mountainside' and 'On the Three Metamorphoses'. In this last section he outlines how the human soul begins as 'a camel' wieghted down by loyalty to the old gods, then he must become a 'lion' and denounce them before becoming 'a child' who creates a new value and new meaning for his life.

Nietzsche owed much to Eastern, particularly Buddhist metaphysics, as well, I suspect, as being influenced by William Blake and Wagner. His is the same kind of reaffirming existential mission. His influence on the 20th C. existentialists also mark him out as one of the early 'fathers' of 'postmodernism'.
'But by my love and hope I beseech you; Do not throw away the hero in your soul! Hold holy your highest hope!'
Thus Spoke Zarathustra.
by Aron Paul February 22, 2004
A so-called philosopher, active in the second half of the 19th Century. Doesn't count as a philosopher, due to lack of systematic rigour or analytical methodology. His writings are often opaque, but seem to be concerned primarily with bunnies.
Here comes Peter Cottontail
Hopping down the Bunny Trail
Easter's on its way.
--Nietzsche, "Also Sprach Zarathustra"
by LudwigWittgenstein February 10, 2009
Nietsche: Originator of a philosophy easily condenced into Cliff's notes and slogans. see definitions above
Nietzsche is the greatest man who ever lived,I read all about him in those little yellow books.
by coldsloth June 20, 2004
(n.): just another fucking monkey.
Some of the monkeys read Nietzsche, then the monkeys argue about Nietzsche without giving any consideration to the fact
that Nietzsche was just another fucking monkey.
by kohan69 April 29, 2007
A famous German philosopher who is constantly quoted by pseudo-intellectuals to make themselves sound smart. Also a man whos philosophies were adored and applied by Adolf Hitler.
Hey Jerry, I read Nietzsche. That means I know more about life than you do, so stfu noob.
by AStalwartCabbage December 13, 2004
An insane, Polish-German anarchist philosopher from the 19th century. He is a very misunderstood figure and his books should probably be banned world-wide, as they are very dangerous.

Nietzsche was possibly bisexual and possibly a closeted pedophile. He caught syphilis from a prostitute while he was a teenager and went insane later in life.

Basically, he believed that the ideal humans, the Ubermensch were a peoples that rose above all forms of morality and standards and other races. He believed that humans were inherently evil by birth and that good and bad and emotions are only constructs. Basically, he was a psychopath and a wackjob in disguise as a philosopher. To sum it up: his philosophy is about how to be a parasite and a bloodsucker and deceive your way to power.

He hated philosophers like Plato; whom could be called the antithesis of his philosophy. He believed that human beings created morals as a way to beguile their way to power. Essentially; he believed that there was no such thing as good in the world; and would be an apologist for people such as criminals, child killers and pedophiles, and other scum. He believed that Greco-Romans, or people who seek justice or truth, were Last men, or Untermensch.
Example of Nietzsche's philosophy, If you've played videos games:

The Ubermensch is actually the games: Halo or Doom

But some people mistakenly believe that Nietzsche is: Final Fantasy or the Legend of Zelda (which is actually Plato's philosophy.)
by Pure Misanthropic Hatred May 01, 2015

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