(Noun) Perfect in every way; this girl is beautiful, smart, funny, caring, trustworthy and I couldn't be a luckier guy to know that she's all mine! This girl can turn a cloudy day into nothing but sunshine by simply giving you a smile! She has an incredible singing voice, even though she is shy to show it at times. I love her more than anything and she will always be my angel and my babbling brook <3

I love you baby,
More and most,
Forever and Always,
And to Infinity and Beyond! <3
Nicole is the most perfect girlfriend a guy could have!
by Your Koala <3 April 16, 2013
the most amazing girl I have ever met... she drives me crazy and I want to be with her forever... because she has totally changed my life... and I LOVE HER....
Nicole te amo mucho preciosa!! Eres mi mundo!! (Spanish)

Nicole I love you so much honey!! You are my world!!
by Diego.13 August 24, 2010
The most enchanting person you will ever meet. She captures you the moment you meet her and you won't even want to escape her grasp. She's sometimes insecure about herself but, in reality, is perfect. She's gorgeous, has a shine to her like an angel, smart, always a joy, and gives you a laugh all the time. She's also creative, outrageously outgoing, which adds to her charm. She's the person you want to hold forever, giving you a smile even when she's not around. Nicole is the girl that'll throw you off, only to make you want to get back up and chase her again.
"Wow, I'm so happy I met Nicole!"
by JudalLovesBasketball April 02, 2013
One of the awesomest, beautifulest, most amazing crazy ladies you'll EVER meet in you entire LIFE.She is sincere caring and very lovable- she's probably the bestest friend you could ever have. A Nicole is sassy, sarcastic, and very smart. She is really nice but also has a temper if messed with. So watch out for those Nicoles. A Nicole is the sunshine to your world.
Person 1: Woahh, Whose that girl?
Person 2: Ohhh that's just Nicole.
Person 1: Damn. I wish I was a Nicole.
Person 2: Me too. She's awesome.
by Truthaholic April 12, 2011
A girl who is awesome, specifically making the state of PA awesome. She is beautiful, amazing, and looks damn sexy in lax shorts. Upon seeing her, it is impossible not to smile, and she dislikes being stared at, but frankly it's very difficult not to. Her hands are able to fit perfectly into those that have a jew-fro. She is really smart and can read really good. She's simply the best, and without her, the kid with the jew-fro wouldn't be nearly as happy.
I failed 2 tests today, broke my nose, and my computer broke...but I saw Nicole so it was still a good day.
by Yes-will February 16, 2010
the most beautiful girl in the world. Every time you see her she takes your breathe away and it returns when you know that she is yours to keep forever and ever. The girl that makes life worth living and the person you can always trust and love.
Damn girl was as fine as a Nicole.
by Nickelnik August 22, 2011
an awesome person that is always helpful
nicole is awesome she is never mad
by ip98 March 29, 2010

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