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creator and writer of www.nicktionary.wordpress.com writes and complains about everyday stuff and things he finds on the interweb, with the help of friends. originally a dictionary parody, nicktionary has now taken on other projects such as 'nickmaths' and 'song to the synic' reviews, one of which was recently featured on popular clothing website Bbycks.com. Funny, witty and intelligent.
this is nicktionary + billikipedia + aidenosaurus.
this here text thing is what, in a real dictionary or encyclopedia or thesaurus would be a blend of the introduction and authors notes. and unlike other more credible books, this will not tell you how to calculate pressure in air, water and vapour, or all the wonders of volts or ohms. nick does words and stuff. Billy does encyclopedia entries. aiden does what aiden does best.
by idon'tknowwhatthismeans August 31, 2009