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When you're nominated to post a picture of Nicolas Cage on Facebook. The objective is to fill minority posts on facebook with pictures of Cage in different situations. A better, more enjoyable version of NekNominations. Founded in Ireland.
"Dude I just got NickNominated"
"Oh, who nominated you? And what do you have to do?"
"Slutty Nicolas Cage. Sally nominated me. I think she wants me"
by Nelly5478 February 24, 2014
The idea is to occupy Facebook with pictures of Nicolas Cage, to break the monotony of photos that aren't Nicholas Cage. Whoever likes this photo will be given a mood and has to post a picture of Nicolas in that mood.
I've been NickNominated... the many faces of Nicolas Cage.
by scream of the butterfly February 21, 2014
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