The Worst Rapper Alive.
A Rapper Who Sucks

#10Rappersthatsucks Nicki Minaj Trending Now

A rapper who does it for the money not for her fans.
A rapper who only has 1 hit on the radio.
A rapper who only makes a hit to win an award or grammy.
A rapper who sucks dick for living.
A rapper who is featured with Lil Wayne in a song
(suck a dick) to get on a track.
A rapper who changes her voices when she is singing/rapper a.k.a. has an annoying voice.
A rapper who is a Lil Kim wanna be.
A corny rapper who is sign with YMCB or CMB.
A rapper who went hard on sucka free mixtape.... old nicki and old lil wayne.
A rapper who is ratchet in her videos or Lil Wayne/Birdman won't comfirm or approve.
A rapper who often repeats her hook. (annoying)

The Birdman plays them all.....
Person 1: Having Pink Friday on repeat. ITS ANNOYING!

Person 2: Hey had you heard that new song Starships?



by B.P.L. September 21, 2012
Some would say, 'The most questionable lyricist around at the moment in popular music would be Miss Minaj.'
They would probably be right.

Here is an example of the utter bullsh*t she has included in a recent song of hers:
"Them nappy headed hoes but my kitchen good. I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish
a bitch woooooooooooooooooould"

...after which, she goes on to say:
"How you gon’ be the stunt double to the nigga monkey?"

I seriously question Nicki Minaj's vocabulary and understanding of the English language...and her sanity for that matter.
Person 1: I am the female Weezy!

Person 2: ...I'm sorry?

Person 1: Oh, it's a quote from Nicki Minaj's new song.

Person 2: Are you serious?! O.o
by TheBlackKnightAlwaysTriumphs March 11, 2012
A fake attention craving bitch. Who claims on several occasions to be "Roman Zolanski" when in reality she is talking about the alleged rapist and murderer (Roman Polanski) she says bullying is wrong and she releases a song named "Stupid Hoe" she should not even be in the music business. She also is part of the evil Illuminati. She is a hypocrite.
Person one: Nicki Minaj is a good rapper and supports anti-bullying

Nicki minaj: you a stupid hoe, you a stupid hoe

Person one: yes she should stop breathing overall
by Anti_Swag May 28, 2013
Another term for big booty/huge ass.
"Oh god, have you seen that Nicki Minaj?"

"Good god, look at her Nicki Minaj"

"Her Nicki Minaj is just so ... "
by Booty master May 10, 2012
A rapper/singer who has been enhanced by surgery, basically she is made of plastic, like 95% of her is plastic
Bob:who is the most plastic person in the world
Jeremy:Nicki Minaj
by VoolVid July 24, 2015
A famous female rapper, she's known to most as a brainless buttimplant wearing hoodrat without a moral center.
What do I think of Nicki Minaj? I think she's a Stupid Hoe.
by Thisbasebelongstome November 15, 2015
A human being that is always judged the wrong way. This girl may have huge ass and boobs but also a heart , she donates money to charity on a regular basis, loves and encourages her fans to continue school and become the best they can be. She's also an amazing artist who writes her own lyrics and has a flow like no other. Not to mention she's an incredibly attractive and beautiful person inside and out.
Man Nicki Minaj Is beautiful!

Listen to Nicki Minaj man! This chick's got skill!
by UsernameAF June 25, 2015

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