nickelodeon, hes 20 what...., i thought he was 12. Preety face.. yea, bony muscles, annoying, sometimes funny.stay in the acting.PLEASE!
Nickelodeon hater.
by outlast October 14, 2003
Top Definition
A huge dousche. Skinny bastard with a crappy tv show.
One time Nick Cannon made a joke that was almost funny...
just kidding, it was terrible.
by ted12 March 04, 2006
Verb for having your own improv comedy show and routinely being upstaged by every other actor on said show. Also to be a willing puppy to a 40 something industry whore. and to have no talent doing ever. Not to be confused with Kenan Thomson or Kel Mitchell, as said actors have some talent.
I have no example, just watch Nick Cannon in Love don't cost a shit for the clearest of examples.
by Johny Quid December 03, 2009
An ok actor, an ok rapper, an ok music producer, and a funny guy. He was a little more then a one hit wonder with very good appearances in songs such as 'Get Crunk Shorty', 'Cops Come', and 'Shorty (Put it on the Floor)'. He has potential.
Shorty, you gon work, for this lil bit of change
Side order of pimpin, lil bit of game
What you know gon hurt as a lil bit of pain
When I rip ya skirt from ya little bitty frame
by Mi7ch March 10, 2005
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