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An adjective used to describe the abilities of a person, party, or event.

Used when the explanation needed for an event or feat accomplished is far too complicated and unnecessary when "Nicey" fits the bill perfectly.
"How did you do that?"

"I'm just that nicey."


"Oh man, this guy is really good."

"Yeah, he's pretty nicey."
by HOHOKEV September 20, 2009
expressing how good/funny/sick a moment in life is
Boy"Hey i just went over and grabbed that chicks boob"
Other boy" NICEYS!!"
by sicko bruh December 12, 2008
A word used to exclaim something really awesome or nice. Generally only used in one word exclamations.
Example 1:
Tim: Check out this sweet dam we built.
T.J.: Nicey!

Example 2:
T.J.: School got canceled today because it snowed.
Tim: Nicey!
by Hyperbrothers November 22, 2007
nicey is a word my friend made up which means theyre nice but you dont know how to tell them.
Meany! Haha
I'm just kidding, you're a nicey... Haha xD
If that's a thing
by thenoob2321 May 17, 2013
When something is really nice or very high quality. Or when something really great happens.
1. Morgan - I put some new d's on my 'Lac.
Brmarv - That's a nicey!
by Dsatt August 08, 2007
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