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A fuck up to the highest degree, probably an even less desirable title than that of the "loser". An 11 on the creep scale. He always seems to have a giant smile on his face... and is TOO FUCKING NICE!

A nice guy is a mysogynic creep that just wants to get some and could never be satisfied with a platonic relationship with a woman, let alone a casual conversation with one. And uses the only positive trait, being nice, to attempt to bed women. In which case will never happen.

Actually, like when ur in class you are in dire need of a pencil, dont barrow from the nice guy, he's going to smile at you, give it to you, and then say to himself, "OH BABY YOU ARE THE ONE, AWWW HO HO MARRRRRY MEEEEE!"

Uh... yeaaaaahhh. Eat shit and die.

A nice guy absoulity has to have pussy. Actually one time I got so stoned, I saw what the fourth layer of a nice guy, he kinda looked like gollum from the lord of the rings and kept saying he needed pussy over and over. Yah, it was pretty gey.

A nice guy defines himself as a guy that can't get a girlfriend becase he doesn't treat women like shit. Which is totally wrong because in fact women love men with manners. They just hate creeps that "coincidently" know their name already, and just so happen to be at the same place as them... always.

In my opinion, nice guys are gey. You don't want to be a nice guy.

If you were titled a nice guy by a woman, then you have failed. Here's my smith and wesson, you know what you have to do.

Now you know what a nice guy is. It's actually pretty awful if you ask me.

That nice guy with the top hat and over coat that wanders around in the park is sure a creep. He kept saying he needed pussy. What the fuck is his problem?

Oh, and my girlfriend was sitting next to happen and he started being nice to her, and she's like totally boyfriend bomed him.

Beverly: "Yeah, the weather sure is nice, my BOYFRIEND brought me here to feed the geese.
by go kart mozart August 28, 2009
A guy who would do anything for his love to make them feel appreciated, would go out of their way and accomodate anything they have to do, and love them for who they are and never jeopardize a relationship, yet we still finish last. many girls date assholes and constantly bitch about how there arent any nice guys around anymore, but in reality, we're easier to find than you think, but you still continue to date assholes even if a nice guy is right in front of you. also if your extremely shallow it will be difficult.
Most girls now a days are shallow and continue to date assholes even though nice guys do exist, alot who are even good looking as well, its not as hard to come across as you think.
by mpctv December 05, 2007
Some poor bastard who gets close to the beautiful girl of his dreams and endures a painfully platonic relationship with her, always there to help her like a demented puppy-dog, in the delusional hope that they may progress to something more. Of course, sometimes he loses his control and blurts out to his ladyfriend that he loves her, only to be told that she wants to be just friends and not ruin the relationship. Sometimes he loses his virginity, sometimes not (though if he does it's with an equally insecure and rejected girl).

Unfortunately, thanks to society's useless teachings, most men fit into this category.
I used to be a nice guy. It sucked.

The nice guy saga concludes to me that women are incredibly stupid. And men are unbelievably pathetic.

Tony Blair is a nice guy. His relationship with Bush is totally platonic, though he wishes it was something more.
by Osamasbitch January 26, 2008
Nice Guy: Not to be confused with a nice guy (that is, a male that is nice)- When used as a noun instead of an adjective, Nice Guy refers to people (men or women) who believe basic social expectations are currency for sex.
Nice Guy: I don't understand, I'm a good listener, I help carry his/her groceries, and feed the cat while he/she is away, and he/she won't even let me touch him/her!

Sympathetic ear: Uh, because as a human being you should be doing those things in the first place, and OH YEAH: nobody has to have sex with you, and probably won't want to because it's obvious you think basic decency is sex money! To be clear: you are trying to trick people into thinking your Niceness is generosity, when they can clearly see your transactional intent. It's gross. Stop acting like a Nice Guy.
by amiknot? September 03, 2013
A guy who always gets the short end of the stick and "finishes" last and is often overlooked by women and never really appreciated by the woman of his interest, no matter what he does. Women don’t often think of him as being much more than just a good friend; they only rely on him to listen to their problems or to hang out with, but would never consider dating him. He has a hard time getting a girlfriend because, God forbid, he has average looks with an average physique, and she would rather date a handsome dumb jock with a nice car, who treats her terribly, than to date an average guy. He frequently gets rejected by women because they are driven by their self-centeredness and superficiality, and don’t realize that he is the man of her dreams and right in front of her. In his childhood he was probably one of the last kids to be picked on the team to play kickball when he was a good player. And he may have even been bullied as a kid. The nice guy is probably a lonely person who just wants to fall in love and get married like everyone else, but for some reason women and people miss out on who he is. As a result of his lonliness and his natural need for sex and intimacy and relationships, he will get off on himself, only wishing he could share his life and body with the woman of his dreams. He probably has a lot of lonely nights, and the only time a woman sleeps with him or ever finds him attractive is because she is drunk. The nice guy will genuinely go out of his way to help the girl he has an interest in, but in the end his favors are disregarded. A nice guy always finishes last after bullies, jocks, jerks and rich guys. Evidently, his trustworthiness, honesty and commitment are only secondary to looks, money, and materialism. The interesting thing is that when women get depressed and stressed out being involved with the bad men, they always come back to the nice guy to help them.....until the process starts over again. And then, after decades of being in bad relationships, these same women are all-of-sudden 60-yrs old and single or divorced and wonder why they couldn’t find true love and the man of their dreams, when he was under their nose the whole time.

Basically, a nice guy is the worst insult a guy can receive by the girl he is interested in. It means “you are good enough to talk to and to get to know on a superficial basis out of convenience, but not good enough to get to know on a deeper level or to date.” When the girl I liked talked about me and said I was a “nice guy” to her female friends, I knew my chances of dating her were minute. Being called a “nice guy” is anything but a complement and makes me feel sad.

by krock1dk January 23, 2009
A man, usually single, whose strategy to attract women is pandering and false. He can be recognized when he fits a pattern of using friendship as a pretense to demonstrate his niceness and then resenting her for not becoming attracted to him after he does so.
I thought he was a nice guy before he started acting like of those inter-city window washers: doing 'nice' things I didn't ask for then feeling entitled to being paid. No way I'm fucking that creep.
by voxtonic September 09, 2010
The type of man preferred by normal, psychologically healthy women, such as those who inhabit places like Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. However, the nice guy gets little play from modern Western women, due to them being deranged, mentally ill skanks who enjoy being used and abused by creeps and players.
Nice guys *do* get laid--just not by mentally ill skanks like most modern Western women are.
by sfgnjhsyjnwsrtjhnawr September 28, 2009
1. They finish last.

2. Permanent residents of the friend zone.
Yup, Howard's going the way of the nice guys. He'll never make it out of the friend zone.
by wish303 April 22, 2008