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A sweet, intelligent, lovable guy, who i can't stop thinking of and will always be in love with.
(sees a guy at a bbq) Wohh!! He's my boo!
by Julz November 05, 2004
A name given to a girl born under the daylight star. She is beautiful and amazing in all ways possible to a man be it beauty on the outer skin or beauty deeper than her soul within. If you look in her loving eyes you will fall in love looking at the radiating beauty of eye of heaven touching the sea of her soul. Some call it a gift but I call it a glimpse of paradise. An enticing smile that can lunch a 1000 ships and a heart so pure and sweet she can melt the coldest of hearts to the ground. She will ignite the fiery passion to love in your heart with her Victorian aura. She is kind, sweet ,loving and helpful .She will help you get back on the ground after you are shattered. Some say she is an angel in disguise as she has the gift to bring heaven on earth to the lives of many (especially a very special cupcake).Yes I have met this angel and I fell in love with her personality and heart and I still am in love with all my heart. I just pray that she will accept me for who I am.
Wow, she is a real Nhan !! Hard to find fine and loving women like that in this era.
by Cupcke27 November 07, 2010
a guy witha huge dick
if someone calls you a nhan u must have a huge one
by fankbonewire December 12, 2009
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