Pronounced (Nah-you-jen). An ancient clan that resides in the Himalayan Mountain region. The clan runs a kindergarten for super-asians in training, in which one boy will graduate to succeed the Nguyen clan. The Nguyens are known for their high tech chainsaw-ninja skills.
There is no example, for all Nguyen attacks are unable to be recorded for fear of death by chainsaw.
by Would-be Successor February 11, 2009
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In olden times King Nguyen forced people to change their last name to Nguyen. If they did not they were killed.
Thats why so many Viets have their last name as Nguyen. Some people that don't have their last name as Nguyen might have changed their last name after the reign of the King Nguyen ended.
Nguyen is a common last name to Viets.
by Quang Nguyen April 28, 2006
A last name invented to piss off the telemarketers.
"Hello, may I speak with Mr. or Mrs....nag...nuh...umm...forget it."

"Ha. Nguyen, 1. Telemarketers,0"
by Nguyen, Nguyen March 05, 2009
Brilliant, hot, talented elites of the Vietnamese race.
You are definitely a Nguyen!
by NguyenOrLose December 17, 2008
Usually at least 5-6 people in any given year for a class (Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) will have this last name. There is a high percentage that at least half of them will or have participated in badminton.
Nguyen nguyen nguyen nguyen nguyen.. ok flippin' to page 2 now.
by Tzeentch May 25, 2007
A common last name for vietnamese people. 80% of Vietnamese people have that damn last name and they are all related.
find a Vietnamese person and ask them for their last name.
by koko nguyen March 27, 2005
"The" super cool asian kid.

Usually, many Vietnamese people have this as a common last name.

A "Nguyen" is usually either really quiet or funny and outgoing.
Hey! It's Nguyen! Let's go ask him for his number!
by TheNlNJA July 20, 2014
A term that is used to describe roughly 87% of the Vietnamese population. Can also be used interchangeably with "win". But when used in verb form, such as nguyen-ing, it means a sexually explicit act involving bondage or other kinky fetishes on a person with the mentioned last name.
- Sup bro, whatcha doing tonight?
- Idk man, I'm so tired of banging Hairy Maggie all the time
- True that, I don't blame you. Have you checked out that fine piece of ass in your math class though?
- Oh, you mean that Viet girl, Jennie? Yeah I just got her number yesterday
- Hahaha, too smooth man. Looks like you're going to be nguyening tonight.
by All I-Do-Is Nguyen April 28, 2011

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