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a very smug, self-righteous way to avoid response or giving the time-of-day when asked a question
"What have you done for T.O., besides get him kicked off the Eagles?"
*T.O. smirks*
"Next Question!"

How many people have you slept with?
Next Question!

This thong isn't mine; whose is it?!
Next Question!

Hi! How's it going?
Next Question!
#rebuttal #snub #disregard #evade #shark
by Drew Rosenhaus September 17, 2008
A 5-star response to a question with an obvious answer. Made notorious by Gnarheads and Bro's alike. This can also be used in reply to observations. Lets face it, it's the ultimate response.
next question.
#duh #obvioulsy #gnarhead #bro #next quessstion
by Gnartin Scorsese April 14, 2011
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