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In the metaphysical system put forth by David Myatt and incorporated into several philosophies, a nexion is defined as a connection, bridge or nexus between the "causal" and "acausal" realms, through which "acausal energy" may be "presenced" in the "causal" realm.

In a mythological sense, a nexion is a literal "Star Gate" through which one may pass into the "acausal" realm. Practically, a nexion may take the form of an individual human being or other life form, or a group of people dedicated to the purpose.
"The Numinous Way conceives of an individual as a nexion - as one, causal, connexion between the life that exists in the causal and the life, the beings, the energy, that exist in the acausal."

"In respect of the ONA itself, we are a living nexion - a causal presencing of the Sinister, of certain acausal energies..."
by MindExplorer September 04, 2011
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