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a) A person with a syndicated blog.

b) A person who spends way too much time looking for news online.

c) A person who is so addicted to news that he/she, if left with no other option, would rather sell his/her body in exchange for news than go without it.
While walking down the street, I saw a newswhore sitting on the pavement with a sign in front her reading: "Will fuck for news".
by tofukitty February 20, 2004
1 Word related to newswhore
A person who thrives off of live text news and the like. This type of person can be found having CNN or BBC constantly on the TV and refreshing every 5 minutes on the CNN Homepage.
X: "Dude, there is no news at the moment!"

Y: "Maybe if you stopped whoring out to it then some new stuff will come in!"

X: "I live off news, I can't turn it off."

Y: "Stupid News Whore..."
by RandomDude1313 August 27, 2011

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