1. The best Cigarette, EVER.

2. NOT only smoked by black people & wiggers.

3. Newport 100's is better then Newport Kings.
I just got a pack of newports.
by menthol 100's March 04, 2010
Say mayne u gotta n-e-w-p-o-r-t
by Thowd September 29, 2005
The Menthol cigarette all the wiggers and black gangstas smoke, refered to in slang as "Newps". They are high in Nicotine and Tar, and have had rumors of having fiberglass in them.
Jamal: Yo Wayne, be a brotha an' lemme get a Newp!
Lamar: I switched from Newport to Kools, mah nigga! Dem Newps wus givin' me a sore throat!!
by Metalhead83 November 16, 2011
Never Eat Wet Pussy On Rainy Tuesday.
Yo mang! Gimme some of the Rainy Tuesdays. Newport mang!
by bdid69 May 14, 2010
A rich, preppy town of 27,000 in Rhode Island. Home to wealthy retired men and women who live in big mansions. Some of the biggest mansions in the USA.
Newport, Rhode Island is a really rich town.
by Anonymous2552 August 30, 2006
You seen dat girl yo', it's that time of da month so don't newport her.
by theonenonly84 November 14, 2009
A small coastal town in Carteret county North Carolina with a population of 4,197. with nothing to do in the winter, most of the time spent in Newport is looking for bud, and spending money on 40oz's. It's neighboring towns include Morehead City, Havelock (Cherry Point MCAS), and Mill Creek.
Yo man, we need to find a way into Newport so i can pick my weed up.
by Abarthel March 01, 2009

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