A team of asshole thugs who think that they're the shit, just because they won superbowl 42. Lead by the grand dickhead, Eli Manning. The worst team in the NFL.
"Wow, those new york giants are just a shame. They think they rock at football."
by swim2win1 January 01, 2012

A new way to explain to someone how badly you choked in a dire situation.
How did you miss that shot?!?" "Sorry man, I New York Giants.
by KingKongIsMyHomie December 19, 2010
1. A baseball team that used to play at the Polo Grounds, but now plays in San Francisco.

2. See New Jersey Giants.
1. The Giants used to play at the Polo Grounds.

2. Damn, the New Jersey Giants should stop considering themselves New York's football team. And they're not a "legendary franchise." They popped up twice, for one year only.
by Crazyswordsman February 04, 2005
Big Pun along Billy Danze and Lil Fame (the latter two comprising M.O.P.) are new york giants; a head and shoulders above the industry, the game, new york, and the world.

Possibly inspired by the football team of the same name.

The song appears on Pun's posthumous album Yeeeah Baby
"New York giants
Leave 'em brainless!
Hit 'em with the stainless!
It's the world famous!"
by WORD LIFE February 23, 2005
winners of super bowl xlii*
*manning conspiracy

i find it very convinient that for the second year in a row, a manning has beaten the patriots and we all know the mannings hate the patriots and how big of endorsement whores they are. hmmm...

and i'm a cowboys fan. well, there's bias against the new york giants because of that. but that's not the point.

oh, and eli still sucks you fucking morons.
by david smith, jr. February 19, 2008
football team that thinks its the center of the world; hasn't been to great since Parcells won 2 Super Bowls for 'em
The Giants suck
by 0000 October 16, 2003
New York Giants are the worst NFL team. Often are gay and enjoy slapping the asses of their teammates(among other things ; ) ). Most Giants suck at their jobs, which is playing football. Worthless pieces of pooooo. Most Giants like penis in their faces.
These New York Giants suck at football, they are ass.
by hannah is wrong November 25, 2007

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