There are several different types of New Trier students, often intersecting. 99% of New Trier students fall into at least one of these types.

1). Rich asshats with way too much money and way too little attention from their parents. Therefore, they try to grab attention by spending their ample supplies of money outlandishly, and/or on drugs.

2.) "College factory" geeks who spend Friday and Saturday nights studying so they can get into Princeton. What school you get into in New Trier is very important. New Trier requires extraordinary tests of academic devotion to reach the upper echelons, and can assign upwards of 5 hours of homework a night. These students are very competetive about college spots, and will overload on distinctions and extra-cirriculars. Some of these people have parents who only care about the prestige of where their student goes to college. Those in category 1, however, don't give a shit because they often have gyms and libraries named after them at certain schools already.

3.) Goths so outraged by the wretched New Trier culture and conformist system that they create their own wretched culture and conformist system that operates as a proud underclass in the school.

4.) People with causes such as Amnesty International, PETA, the Green Party and Greenpeace who like to talk a good game but really don't accomplish a damn to help anyone, and then drive their parents' SUV to buy shit at Walmart.

5.) Right-wing douchebags who think the fact that they have money makes them exceptionally special in the world. Will wear suits at every possible occaision, and fancy shit on all others. Most have never met a poor person or a black person.

1.) Paris Hilton. Lots of people like that in NT. Tons of cash, DUIs, fashionable shit, entitlement, heirs to large fortunes.

2.) Girl RW, who made copies of her exam study guide which was far more thorough than the one the teacher gave, or who cried when she flunked a minor English assignment Freshman year. Goes to Yale. Or Guy AO, who claimed to be valedictorian by comparing his GPA with others (NT does not do class rank). Guy AO's parents worked at Harvard, and he proclaimed that he "didn't need to write a good essay to het in there." He was rejected in his early application, but still had the option to apply regularly, leaving him to proclaim, "now I don't want to go to Harvard." Goes to Stanford.

3.) Like most Goths.

4.) Limosine liberals. Like some actors. Only like being liberal because it makes them feel good, not because they like to help others.

5.) Steve Forbes. Just think of the stupidest, most ignorant asshole you know and then think dumber and more insensitive. A long line of famous these have come from New Trier, including Donald Rumsfeld and Charlton Heston.
by Former NT #2 September 11, 2006
Top Definition
A place where you won't find too many black people.
George: Hey Paul, do you ever see any black people here at New Trier?
Paul: Nope.
by jesse Lieble April 10, 2008
Ode to New Trier -- A place full of popped collars, Juicy tube tops, and wannabe goths that hang out in the scrounge. Froshies go to a different campus, Lag/Pot makes sense to all of us, and the senior parking lot is full of BMW's and Jeeps that willingly pay $300 for a spot. Kate Spade, Seven jeans, Lacoste will be found no matter where you turn. We win everything, are smarter than you, and look better while doing it. Oh yeah, and Mean Girls was based off New Trier. BEAT THAT BITCHES!!
I love New Trier because I love being better than everyone else...while looking damn good
by Trev4Lyfe March 25, 2005
New Trier is a place unlike anywhere else. Not only do all the girls have kate spade or herve chapelier bags, they have louis vuitton day planners, that rest inside them. If we were to add up the outfit of a typical trevian girl on a "dress down" day, it would cost as much as some people's monthly salaries, probably becasue they needed to spice it up with a few pieces from theri tiffany's jewlery collection. It's also funny how some people think they're ghetto, when in reality they're blasting rap from their $70,000 Range Rover in Kenilworth. It is NOT abnormal to get a Hummer Limo for freshman year Homecoming. Every senior trevian has AT LEAST two friends going to ivy league schools, it's a given. It's definitly a wake up call when you go to college and not everyones daddy works in the sears tower. A rich bitch bubble to say the least.
New Tier kids wear white gowns and white tuxedos to graduation...aka too stuck up for caps and gowns.
by fracker February 20, 2005
New Trier is a high school located in Winnetka, Illinois. It has over 4,000 students and is exceedingly wealthy. It cannot be denied that almost all the students are very rich, but the definitions describing the Louis Vuitton dayplanners, etc., are pretty extreme. There probably is someone at New Trier with a Louis Vuitton dayplanner, but that's one person. In essence, almost everyone is rich, but most don't go so far as to use designer dayplanners.

New Trier kids usually get very good test scores, and the usual 3-level class would be pretty accelerated in most other places. The Science Olympiad team has won state for the past six years. Sometimes the real intelligence of students at the school is questioned.

There was an article in Time magazine in the '90s called "High Times At New Trier High." This accurately sums up the drug usage at New Trier. Many students at New Trier are users. Many also drink.

The sports teams are usually quite good, and therefore hard to make. This is discouraging for some, but there are alternatives, like Night League (a basketball organization of New Trier kids that plays on Wednesday nights). Also, this excellence at sports cause other schools to have a hatred for New Trier. However, this is not without cause; some students at the school display a cocky, egotistical attitude.
New Trier student : Go Trevs!
Student from other school : I hate New Trier.
by Red Arrow April 16, 2008
It is true, New Trier is located in one of the most affluent suburbs in the famed North Shore of Chicago. Many of the kids are extremely rich, have BMWs, Kate Spades, Tiffanys, expensive clothes, etc, etc. It also cannot be disputed that there is a large population of the school that like to pretend to be ghetto. They drive down the streets of Wilmette in their brand new Jeeps, blasting 50 cent, and flashing non-existent gang symbols. (ironic to say the least) Also at New Trier is a large population of subculture children, not a surprise since there are over 4,000 students. Currently, New Trier is home to many emo kids.

At New Trier, Wilmette (a very rich town, though the least extreme of the township) is considered "ghetto" by a some of the richest kids. Many of the kids that live in Kenilworth or Glencoe are scared of venturing into Evanston after dark, much less Chicago. However, those that do feel extremely cool to be hanging out "down town."

Another trademark of New Trier High School is the students' nauseating sense of pride. As a Trevian, it feels GREAT to be better than everyone else, but when you are "everyone else" it is more than frustrating. New Trier currently has extreme rivalries with Loyala and ETHS, and consistently beats them at everything, further secluding them from the surrounding areas.

One of the more surprising things about New Trier is the drug culture. New Trier has had one of the worst drug problems in the area, with a majority of students admitting to using marijuana regularly. It is not unheard of for a freshman to dabble in cocaine and herion. By sophomore year, most students are nearly alcoholics. This problem is probably fueled by kids having waaaaaay too much money, free time, and parents that are always working. New Trier is trying to fight the drug problem with little success (though the administration claims otherwise).
New Trier: where the grades are high and the kids are higher!

Glencoe kid: Do you live in Wilmette?
Wilmette kid: yeah...
Glencoe kid: OMGZZZ, do you have like drug connections?!
Wilmette kid: no...
Glencoe kid: But aren't you like right next to Evanston
Wilmette kid: so....?
by TrevianPride? July 12, 2006
Where the grades are high and the kids are higher.
Dude: I saw u got an A+ on that level 4 math test.

Bro: I am so freakin baked!!!!

Dude: Typical New Trier.
by Baked_on_a_plane January 17, 2011
Ok so basically out of all these definitions there are PIECES and i mean PIECES as in parts of the definition that's correct. Yeah, the kids at New Trier typically reside from well-off families, but the dirt rich, burning money just for fun mentality is wrong. People do come from families that hold a certain amount of wealth but it should not be conceived that EVERYONE has SO much endless money. The idea that ALL the kids drive BMWs and hit up Daddys ATM whenever they do so please is not the complete norm for all the kids. A fair portion come from middle class/upper-middle class families, and one should not stereotype the whole entire student body as ridiculously rich. However, on the other hand one should not go as far to say that New Trier flat out sucks at life, since the school is well respected. But if you read all these definitions they were probably written by who else than NEW TRIER KIDS...umm bias much? Yeah, of course they're going to inflate the image and make it sound like some type of fairy land and those who are "less fortunate" should feel honored that these great NT people are taking time out of their busy rich filled day to write a review ON THEIR OWN SCHOOL. See my point? In all honesty, it is not all cracked up as it seems to be, this idea of a complete wealthy no-worry land is semi false and should not be viewed as anything more special as a rich community. On the other hand, what is wealth to you? If you live in say, North Chicago and see poverty day to day and enter into New Trier then yes, these definitions are probably pretty accurate. However, if you live in a well off community from say the New England area, and walk into New Trier you will say it is nothing special and maybe even a little poser-ish since New England pioneered the "prep" idea (and we all know NT is filled with colorful polos are vineyard bags). I say I should be a fairly reliable source given the fact i attended New Trier High School and who else knows the school better than a former student? No one.
North Chi kid: "New Trier? Damn got more money than God"

Exeter prep student :"New Trier? The school in the North Shore? Yeah it's nice, nothing too special though."
by KTWHIT June 21, 2008

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