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1) The eve/night of December 31st, in which many people celebrate by counting down the hours untill January 1st.
2) A good excuse for bubblyandkisses.
3)A time to contemplate the age of Dick Clark
New Year's Eve was nothing but a hang-over waiting to happen!
by Assessment January 02, 2004
149 66
The best excuse to get drunk and throw the biggest party of the year. It's not so much the fact that it's a new year that's so exciting, but the fact that you're going to go to a party.
Billy: Holy shit it's new years eve. Do you know what that means?
Bob: Umm, tomorrow is a new year?
Billy: No numb nuts, its time to party!
by Stroup December 30, 2003
91 41
The peak time of year to observe drunken girl on girl kissing!
Dude, Jen and Tracy are totally going new year's eve on each other!
by krankiboy December 31, 2004
55 32
It's a brgreat excuses to get very adruck and rithe defintionas on Rurban Diciontsary!! Eye rottttttttee thisa defintinog ong tnew yeras eve's and i well can cguanranteed it git gbalot of vthe votes fov r the best one.!!!!!!!!!!!@!
DAmnht I can'ta type one new year's eve!
by TheFevaForTheFlava December 31, 2005
72 55
the last night of the year,where lots of people come together, get drunk,fuck and usually everyone counts down to some little second,where the year becomes a new year, a new day etc,

a very stupid time to make stupid promises to self,tha is never kept
"lets go get drunk"

"its new years eve"
by charli January 21, 2004
45 28
A popular day for skyrocketing suicide rates, which are usually on holidays where people are alone and depressed. This day is a popular one.
I had planned not to go to any parties new year's eve night to make plans to go up to that tower block and jump off.
by Krista Lee November 27, 2005
33 21
When millions of amatuers get over excited about thier first beer and believe, "how you spend new years is how you spend the rest of the year." Undoubtedly their high hopes come crashing down like a firey drama filled meteor where crying, puking and fighting are all commonplace.
"Man remind me never to go out on New Year's Eve again." - Random Dude at 2:00am
by JT18 December 31, 2008
18 6