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A woman who makes claims she is attracted to other women but never backs up her talk with action.
Your sister said she wanted to sleep with that hot waitress but when she started flirting your sezbian sister didn't make a move.

by Krankiboy August 01, 2007
Short for Geographically Undesirable. A man or woman who lives so far away that dating them becomes inconvenient.
I broke up with that cute girl I was dating because the long drive to her house made her GU.
by Krankiboy December 01, 2007
The peak time of year to observe drunken girl on girl kissing!
Dude, Jen and Tracy are totally going new year's eve on each other!
by krankiboy December 31, 2004
A phrase describing an idea that is poorly thought out. First used in the Mission district of San Francisco.
Adam is totally sailing to Tibet with his plan to quit his job and become a private investigator.
by Krankiboy May 19, 2007
dogacratic: A form of government where a majority of dogs decide what is acceptable.
I say we form a dogacratic society where we are free to run naked in the park, lick whomever we please, deficate outside, and eat food off the floor.
by krankiboy July 10, 2010
A society ruled by whatever most of the dogs decide to do.
The dogmocracy ruled in favor of howling at the firetruck, knocking over the garbage can for scraps, and then face-humping the neighbor's cat.
by krankiboy July 10, 2010
1) A place where facebook junkies can go to detox and overcome their addiction.

2) A term for taking a break from over-using facebook.
If you don't stop posting comments on my wall like a social media whore I'm going to have you checked into facehab.
by krankiboy January 19, 2011
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