Richest, preppiest, and classiest town in America. New Vernon is the wealthiest town in Morris County, located in northwestern New Jersey. It should be noted that Morris County is the wealthiest county in America. So, it is safe to say that New Vernon is fuckin' LOADED! And we like it that way. People here live in the most badass mansions, drive the sickest cars, have the best looks, and dress to impress 24/7. People from here KNOW how to throw a party and how to run a business. Everyone knows everyone else, and contrary to popular belief, everyone is really nice. We all say hi to eachother at the temporary trailor post-office, ahhaah. BUT a nice ass one is being built across from Bill's, which is the best deli known to man. Most of the kids go to private school but a few go to Madison for highschool, where they are usually shunned for being so wealthy. but its cool, we get to drive home early in our BMWs and Mercedes when it rains outside. Madison and Chatham kids are just jealous at the supreme wealth that New Vernon and Harding Twp kids have. And of course, we always stay classy.
Only one zip code is wealthier than 90210.. and its 07976, New Vernon, biatch!

How does that chick afford all that Chanel, Versace, Dior, D&G, Gucci, and Yves Saint Lauren? Ohhh, she's from New Vernon! Damn she knows how to be!

Oh shit! Look at that stud in his Saleen S7! His popped collar, Armani suit, and sexy face makes me want him even more! Of course he is from New Vernon and lives on Welsh..

Even the dogs from New Vernon are fly. Poochie from Lindsley has diamond encrusted toenails!
by Rich Bitches August 07, 2006
Top Definition
one of the richest towns in the US...filled with rich bitches and snobs, the houses could school all celebs on CRIBS. crime rate- 0%. not one sidewalk found in town.
"Look at the girl with her gucchi bag and Louis Vuitton shoes"
"yeah she lives in new vernon, her dad owns the country club."
by the ding February 25, 2005
one of the prettiest towns ever. New vernon is full of people with a lot of money but most of them are not snobby, everyone is friendly with each other. the homes in New Vernon are mostly very large with beautiful landscaping and fields and if you live there you spend a lot of time outdoors. Most of the people are christian and if your jewish then you dont really fit in because a lot of the people are religious in the catholic era. Children who live in new vernon usually go to a private school like Delbarton, Peck, Oak Knoll, Kent Place or Morristown Beard, new vernon is known for having some of the most athletic girls in the area. As i said before new vernon has some of the biggest houses but they are farm house looking and look gorgeous on the property. A lot of the time you see kids riding around on ATVs or Go karts because the properties are so big and if you dont you usually see a kid playing lacrosse with a friend or at least a lacrosse goal or pitchback in the back yard.
WOW look at that house...well duh were in New Vernon
by nvnj April 15, 2010

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