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When a group reaches the status of being generally despised by the majority culture. As the word nigger is meant as a derogatory expression towards Blacks, a "new nigger" indicates a group that is now widely despised where it wasn't not before.
The Tea Party is the new nigger on the left-wing American university campuses

By publicly announcing her admiration for capitalism and the American Founding Fathers in class, she became the new nigger in her professor's eyes
by goodbooks September 11, 2012
White people that recently became niggers. The new niggers consist of everyone that has white skin or thinks of themselves as white.

the powerful & beautiful blacks usually look down on new niggers. They also might call them old niggers. This is because whites were actually the first niggers, Alpha & Omega Niggers.
black person:*watching tv* wow, look at all these new niggers going to the supreme court because some black guys got fireman jobs...

black person2: yah, these dumb-asses are starting to piss me off. Acting like niggers & all....
by TheLazyGeniuss February 18, 2010
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