a sub-atomic particle (particles that make up atoms) that carries no charge (is neutral).
Neutrons are neutral particles.
by PrivateDonut February 10, 2005
Top Definition
A gorgeous sexy girl can be called a neutron when she does not have to pay for herself. The joke originates from the double meaning of the noun "charge" - "electric charge" (positive or negative) and "charge for services" (money).

As neutron has no charge this word is used to define customers who do not pay for themselves, so they are charge-free, like neutrons.
A neutron (a silicon baby) walks into the bar. The bartender says, "for you no charge". - It means the girl gets all the drinks for free as she attracts new male customers into the bar or the bartender is going to seduce her later on.
by Igor Khokhlov February 10, 2011
Chicago slang for someone who's not in a street gang
"What you be about?"
"Chillax, dawg, I'm neutron."
by Enigmatic417 June 21, 2007
before we go to the definition, first of all
Ok, now we can define the word.
A neutron is a neutral particle in an atom, located in the nucleus.
The word neutron is mentioned in science, and should not be displayed on URBAN DICTIONARY.
by ole daag July 21, 2006
When a dude eats a chick out from behind (doggie style), she farts and blows the front of his hair back resembling Nickelodeon sensation Jimmy Neutron.
Guy A: New haircut?

Guy B: No, my girl just hooked me up with a fresh Neutron.
by Jim New May 12, 2011
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