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1. When someone adds your page on every networking site. 2. Someone's ex or new fling adds your myspace/facebook/twitter/livejournal/tumblr just so they can keep an eye on you. 3. Some creeper just wants to be your friend.
OMG why the fuck is this bitch netstalking me? I don't even know her.

Um, this creeper won't quit netstalking me, i'm about to report abuse fer sher.

Someone's e-obsessed, they won't quit netstalking me.
by yesnoyesno November 10, 2009
Adj: To describe someone who can't leave someone's internet social networking profile alone. I.E. Looking at another person's comment and trashing that person.
I can't believe Sarah is netstalking my page, I gotta make it private so she can't see Krissy's comments she left me.
by Disgruntled1 March 14, 2009
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