the art of communication over electronic networks, cyberspace, such as the internet(s) in which the communicator(s) keyboardist(s) believes/believe that she/he/they are speaking in real time to at least one other human in a one on one conversation.
I netspeak, on occasion, with well known people such as Steve Martin, Robin Williams and Whoopi Goldberg and the great mushroom in the sky.
by James Anderson Hall November 11, 2006
Typeing skills used by morons on the computer. Hard to understand shit and maks theuser look utterly stupid.
She uses netspeak and she is hard to understand.
by The Blue Rogue June 05, 2003
A way of quickly writing what you would normally say in an IRC or chat room
'I had to use Netspeak on the chat room because otherwise I wouldnt be able to keep up...'
by Evil-Ernie May 28, 2003

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